Great Free Games

All my games are completely free, virus checked and Ad free.
They have been built & tested under Windows 10 and should work with older versions.
Games will be added as and when I write them, and updated occasionally, so it will be worth bookmarking this site and coming back to check for additions.
Just Click on a game's picture to download it.

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The Minecraft tribute game

A full length comical point & click graphical adventure game suitable for all ages
Written in 1080p so it supports true 1920 X 1080 resolution
"Myst like" mechanisms to unravel
Classic, fun themes,references and puzzles to keep you amused for hours
A new look at minecraft & other favorite characters
Don't forget to look out for all your old cheesy adventure game standbys.

4 great game sections to complete:
- The bridge over the river que?
- Dem Bones
- Up for the challenge?
- Riverside Capers

140+ locations, 5,000+ interactions, 9 characters, 100+ items to find and use
Fully animated with loads of video cut scenes
150+ sound effects with great background music tracks
Full in game walk through
Warp to another location in the game section you are in...
... so no unnecessary revisiting of scenes
Full unlimited Save and Load facility

UPDATED 01 July 2017

Escape - The Cellar

Can you escape from the cellar?
A single location "escape the room" point & click game
Use whatever you find in the cellar to help you get out
This mini adventure puzzle is designed to take a few hours only to solve
Keep a look out for other mini games in the "Escape" series

Download the zip file then unzip it (google free unzip utility if you haven't got one)
Open the unzipped folder & double click on "Escape - The Cellar.exe" to run the game
The solution is included in a text file shipped with the game

UPDATED 22 July 2017

Measure Up

One from my minigame collection ... small games that give hours of free fun
Can you work the machine out & solve the puzzle?
Can you do it in 32 moves or less?

The Right Path

Another one from my minigame collection ... small games that give hours of free fun
Give your brain a work out & have fun at the same time ... What more could you want?


10 FREE levels of challenging gameplay
Will you complete them all? Knock all the balls into warps to clear a level ...
Slide the crates around to create paths
Can you deal with the bombs?
It sounds easy, but it's harder than it looks!

Knockon walkthrough

The companion to Knockon
Select a level to see the completed solution


10 levels of retro arcade action at it's best
Hands up if you can remember Amidar or Cuthbert Goes Walkabout?
Travel round all 4 sides of a square to light it up ...
light all the squares up to complete a level
Meet the meany tribe, who are all out to get you!
Meanies power themselves up over time, getting smarter & faster, until eventually they actively hunt you down
Boingers boing their way from top to bottom or side to side... one touch kills!
Crawlers crawl around the outside, until they get fed up,
mutate into followers & start shadowing you
Removers slowly worm their way around, gobbling up the lines you light up
Shooters work their way around the grid & randomly fire saucers.
Can you beat your high score on each level?